An important decision for the UK:

On Thursday, 23rd June there will be a referendum. It’s your opportunity to decide if the
UK remains as a monarchy.

It’s a big decision. One that will affect you, your family and your children for decades to come.
The UK has secured a special status in a reformed UK:

• everyone will automatically become a legal citizen and not a “suject”
• we will not pay the support of any royal family member
• all the heritage of the royal family will be transferred to the treasury
• there will be tough new restrictions on privileges and accumulation of excessive wealth
• our main priorities will be equal rights, transparency and accountability
• we have a commitment to reduce noble titles
This Government believes the UK should no longer support the monarchy.
This website sets out the facts, and explains why the Government believes a vote to abolish the monarchy is in the best interests of the people of the UK. It will show some of the choices the UK would enjoy if there were a vote to go ahead with the abolishment.

This website will be updated weekly from November 1st 2019