An important decision for the UK

On Thursday, 23rd June there will be a referendum. It’s your opportunity to decide if the UK remains as a monarchy.
It’s a big decision. One that will affect you, your family and your children for decades to come.
The UK has secured a special status in a reformed UK:

• everyone will automatically become a legal citizen and not a “subject”
• we will not pay the support of any royal family member
• all the heritage of the royal family will be transferred to the treasury
• there will be tough new restrictions on privileges and accumulation of excessive wealth
• our main priorities will be equal rights, transparency and accountability
• we have a commitment to reduce and nulify noble titles
This Government believes the UK should no longer support the monarchy.
This website sets out the facts, and explains why the Government believes a vote to abolish the monarchy is in the best interests of the people of the UK. It will show some of the choices the UK would enjoy if there were a vote to go ahead with the abolishment.

Opening Royal palaces

Stronger solidarity

Buckingham Palace will become decent temporary shelter for citizens with no home. It will also be open day and night to the general public and volunteers willing to collaborate and enjoy work in the kitchens, dining rooms, baths and organic orchards.

With its 775 rooms, 79 bathrooms and 39 acres garden,  Buckingham Palace will be repurposed to cover essential housing and hygiene needs.

The Buckingham Free Food & Housing will make life easier and cheaper for UK taxpayers.  Less taxes will also create more jobs as a result.
London has the highest rate of homelessness, and it is growing fastest in the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, and north-west England. But the real amount of people with no home is notoriously difficult to measure. Converting Buckingham Palace into a space of cooperation, with public and accesible hygiene and shelter in the heart of Central London will have a deeply positive impact in the social landscape of the city.

The government says it is investing £1.2bn to tackle homelessness but the expenditure strategy is not working well enough.
Opening Buckingham to people who can´t afford to pay a basic rent for a house guarantees a healthier and more tolerant society. By contrast, keeping it as a palace of luxury for a few creates uncertainty and risk.

Buckingham Free Food & Housing will also make it more attractive for companies to invest in the UK, ensuring more jobs.  This will also bring more tourism since it will be the first time in history that a Palace is turned into an open public space of food, shelter, organic orchards, tolerance and solidarity.

Improving equality

Cost of Royals

If the UK votes to abolish the monarchy,  abuse of public office by members of the Royal Family will no longer be possible.

Large sums of public money will be saved on royal private travel, accommodation and/or security and that can be used for causes that directly benefit everyone.  The money currently wasted on maintaining secrecy, legal protections and excessive privileges will be put to better use.
No more subjects

Millions of UK citizens will no longer be considered as subjects to a higher lineage and will be treated as equals.

Aristocratic titles including royal and noble ranks will be invalidated in all national territory.
No more sovereign immunity and impunity

If a criminal investigation is being carried out, former priviliges and benefits associated with the Royal Family, ensuring protection from criminal prosecution will no longer apply.

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