ABM Campaign
The 1st Announcement of the ABM Referendum was the result of a billboard commission by Bloc Projects .  The billboard was on display at Eyre Lane in Sheffield from 01 November 2019 to 23 February 2020.  Along with the billboard this website (abmreferendum.co.uk) was created.

Due to the covid crisis the announced ABM Referendum was postponed one year (Wednesday 23rd June 2021 instead of Tuesday 23 rd June 2020).  23rd June was purposely chosen to coincide with the date of the celebration of the EU / Brexit referendum that took place on 23 June 2016 in the United Kingdom to ask the electorate whether UK should remain a member of, or leave, the European Union (EU) .   

A new 2nd billboard with updated dates for the celebration of the Referendum in 2021 was displayed at the Weston Studio of the Royal Academy of Arts, London at the same time that that ABM Polling Station was opened to the public.

ABM Referendum Posters

Here is the collection of the ABM decision pamphlet posters, free to download and print in a smaller scale than the originals (100 x 70 cm each).   The majority of the posters have been inspired in the first UK-wide referendum, held in 1975, on the United Kingdom's continued membership of the European Economic Community (EEC).

The Royal Monkeys leaflet is a contemporary version of the sea-monkeys magazine advertisements of the 70s.  In this case the Royal Monkeys offer an alternative to tabloid followers and addicts of news and gossip related to the current members of the British Monarchy.  This leaflet was in an open display and offered for free at the ABM Polling Station.

The ABM Red Ribbon vindicates that the £350M that annually are payed with tax payers funds for the maintenance of the Monarchical Institution be dedicated to the National Health System.  The Blue Ribbon suggests that if any funds where inevitably to be given to the monarchical institution, these should come only from those citizens that wish their taxes to be used for that purpose.  In that scenario the nature and presence of this institution would foreseeably change and weaken.

Historical Record of anti-monarchical campaigns

Collected photographic documentation

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